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Member's Only Area

With the assistance of a mentor, new members will:

  • Learn all about the education programme – Mentors help new members become familiar with the Pathways Education Programme, club meeting roles and opportunities available through membership

  • Learn club standards and customs – Mentors help new members learn about the club and its activities

  • Develop confidence – Armed with the knowledge mentors provide, new members’ self-confidence increases

  • Participate more – Mentors help new members become familiar with and enjoy the club and its members. As a result, new members become more involved in club activities

  • Quickly learn speaking skills – Mentors familiarise new members with the resources available to them and coach them with their speeches, enabling the new members to advance faster

If you are thinking of joining the club but worried about how you will seamlessly integrate into the mechanics of the fortnightly meetings, then the help available from a Mentor could be the invaluable resource you are looking for.

Please contact us for more information.

A helping hand

At Norwich Speakers Club, mentoring plays a large part in your development toward becoming a successful public speaker.  


To improve and enhance your skills, you need constructive feedback along with encouragement and acknowledgement for how you are progressing.

"At our club meetings, we provide all the tools for our members to explore different styles of public speaking. However, when you’re at the beginning of your journey you may need a little bit more individual help. 

Practising in a safe environment and receiving supportive, constructive feedback is a key part of becoming a confident speaker. It's important not to feel judged, as this can make all the difference to how much you dare to push out of your comfort zone and try new techniques".

Seth Rowden

Vice President - PR

When you join the club, you have an opportunity to be allocated a Mentor to familiarise you with all aspects of the club meetings and the bespoke education programme known as Pathways.

Your assigned Mentor will be an experienced member of the club and will work with you to ensure your integration into the club and progression towards achieving your personal goals.

"To become a good mentor is a skill in itself. We encourage all members not only to work with a mentor but also to become one.  


Once you feel that you have enough experience and feel confident in being able to offer valuable evaluations, you are probably ready to provide support to a fellow Toastmaster".

Sue Eastman

Immediate Past President

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