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Speaking in the Community

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organisation that provides many wonderful opportunities to thousands of intrepid members, and Norwich Speakers Club embraces the ethos of enabling every member to progress and develop all aspects of their speaking and presentation skills.​

Are you looking for the next speaking challenge?

The speaking opportunity that will take you outside of the club environment and even further outside of your comfort zone.

The human race is a strange breed when it comes to stepping outside of our comfort zone; that place where everything is just comfortable and there are no significant challenges. Our default position is to stay with what we know best, the metaphorical comfy pair of slippers.

For some of us after a few weeks or months within the friendly and safe learning environment of the club, we begin to 'stretch our wings and ultimately look for more other speaking challenges to further compliment our exciting Toastmasters journey. It will come as no surprise that when you feel you are ready to take your speaking ability outside of the club arena, there are a wide variety of exciting possibilities.

Russell Eden, a long standing member of Norwich Speakers Club commented "I have been fortunate enough to speak to a variety of external organisations and I can recommend the experience. It takes the challenge of speaking in front of an audience to a new level and is incredibly rewarding. I have found that it has really helped to boost my speaking confidence in all situations and I get a  real buzz, both during and after a speech, knowing that the audience has really enjoyed the content and delivery".

Russell Eden

Vice President-Education


There are many organisations who welcome interesting and entertaining speakers and it worth spending some time to research the organisations in your area. You could speak to the Vice President Education or the Club President who will be happy to offer advice and guidance to help you to discover your next speaking challenge.

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