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Member's Only Area

Once your membership has been accepted, you will receive notification from the Treasurer and the Vice President of Education. If you have any questions along the way or need any help with the membership process then be sure to contact us.​

Joining the club

Are you thinking about joining Norwich Speakers Club?

To see whether our club is right for you, we recommend that you first come along to a meeting as a guest. You can attend up to three meetings for free before becoming a member. 


Click here to find out when the next meeting is taking place.​

So what about the level of commitment required...

In terms of commitment, it is up to you. I have no doubt that many aspects of the club environment including the bespoke Pathways education program will greatly enhance your personal development journey.

Club meetings are fortnightly with a short break over Christmas.


There are usually two (optional) training days throughout the year that are packed full of useful workshops, two (optional) exciting competitions a year for that extra challenge and once you become more familiar with the club dynamics there is the opportunity (optional) to join the committee in order to contribute towards the ongoing success of the club.


Ultimately there will never be any pressure on you regarding when you deliver speeches  or attend meetings, although it would be much better for your personal journey to attend as many meetings as you can.


You would be integrated in to the schedule soon after you join the club, but again we would be led by you in terms of your availability and desire to take meeting duties on board.


You can put as little or as much in to your club/ personal development journey as you are able too depending on your work and personal commitments and whatever you choose to commit to will be a benefit to you and the club.

If you would like to join the club then the Application Form is available below.

Once you have completed the form, pass it on to any member of the committee; I would leave the Bank Details blank and the Treasurer will contact you directly to ensure complete information security.

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